Simultaneous interpreting

Let us give you a brief overview of what simultaneous interpreting really is and why interpreters always work in a team when interpreting simultaneously.

In simultaneous interpretation interpreters work in a sound proofed booth, listen to the speaker and translate the message almost simultaneously from one language into another .
Simultaneous interpretation is appropriate in multilingual meetings and conferences. It represents a perfect solution for the audience: they can easily follow the speaker selecting the relevant channel to hear the interpretation in the language of his or her choice via a headset.
Since the interpreter is doing several things at once, simultaneous interpreting is very challenging: it requires a high level of concentration, the capacity to analyze the structure of a speech, listen and translate within a split second while considering nonlinguistic elements as culture, gestures or irony. Interpreters therefore take turns of about 30 minutes and always work in a team. There are good reasons why simultaneous interpreting is also called "competitive sport for the brain".

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