Two people, one passion

Leonie Gohl and Giulia Tramonti: we are two qualified, mother tongue interpreters. Let us make your event a success with exceptional linguistic services.


We have worked together as a team in the booth, from the very early days at the University of Heidelberg to now. Recently, we decided to pool our efforts and resources into creating a one-stop solution for all your communication needs.

We offer complimentary languages: Leonie is a German native speaker, while Giulia is an Italian native speaker. This set-up guarantees absolute expertise in both languages, as well as ensuring the ideal Italian-German-Italian booth. Your translations will also be exceptionally accurate, as a second native proofreader will control them.

You can always count on the utmost professionalism, reliability and passion for our profession when working with one or both of us.

We appreciate the great added-value lifelong learning contributes to developing our languages and our understanding of specific areas. You will see us taking part in training seminars in Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom. These include workshops on marketing, contractual law, terminology management, diction and public speaking.

What happens if you need someone for a language or area we do not cover? Do not worry: we rely on a professional network of colleagues with the most diverse language combinations and areas of expertise. This ensures you can get in touch and we will provide you with a ready-made solution and an ideal team of interpreters for your event.

We are a flexible team and research new topics with determination and dedication. Nothing is lost in translation when you assign us a project: we are here to bridge linguistic gaps using our exceptional intercultural and linguistic awareness.

Get in touch: we will carefully analyse your needs and take care of them!